About Astrakhan Fur

Very young or even fetal Astrakhan lamb are prized for pelts. Newborn Astrakhan pelts are called karakul (also spelled caracul), swakara (coined from South West Africa Karakul), astrakhan (Russian), Persian lamb, agnello di Persia, (Italian), krimmer (Russian) and garaköli bagana (Turkmen). Sometimes the terms for newborn lambs' and fetal lambs' pelts are used interchangeably.

People use the lamb pelts to create various clothing items, such as the Astrakhan hat. The pelts have also been used in haute couture. An Astrakhan collar has been used on women's suits and on expensive overcoats. King George V had a beaver-lined overcoat with an astrakhan collar that was later worn by his son, the Duke of Windsor. The astrakhan collar has appeared in more recent men's fashions, and astrakhan has been featured more extensively in the form of a Formula One-style driving suit made primarily of astrakhan.

Our company

We are good at Astrakan fur clothings and hats. we usually choose the Top-quality Astrakan(broadtail,swakara,karakul) lambskins from more and more skins to make clothings and hats, you know the Top-quality grade Astrakan skins are very very less in the world,so the price and high,but the furs are natural curly and very very nice,when you dyed the Astrakan(broadtail swakara)skins,the furs are very very light and silkere and softly, it is different then other luxurious furs (mink,sable,chinchilla,lynx etc...)